A collective of artists sharing a body

Sasha, 22, she as in a pretty girl, they as in a collective, it as in a creature.I am a black DID system and a resident of hell on earth (Ohio).I am a polyamorous sapphic with two partners currently!I am an artist, a writer, and a self shipper.f/o list || commissions || active alters || byf

Main F/Os

- Wacko (Johnny Test)
- Eddie (Rocky Horror Picture Show)
- Anne Dilly Whim (The Dazzleoids)
- Goopy Le Grande (Cuphead)
- Bonnie Shaw (and then Emily was gone)
- Story Lord (Rick and Morty)
- Rowlf the Dog (the muppets)
- Master Shake (ATHF)
- Howdy Pillar (Welcome Home)
- Suction cup man (piemations)
- Crazy Harry (the muppets)
-General Skarr (Billy and Mandy)
-Eris (Billy and Mandy)


- Baroness Von Bon Bon (Cuphead)
- Fluttershy (MLP:FIM)
- Doctor Teeth (the muppets)
- Annie Sue (the muppets)
- Fozzie Bear (the muppets)
- B.O.B. (Monsters Vs. Aliens)
- Janice (the muppets)
- Lips (the muppets)
- The Rook (Cuphead)
- Tentacular (Rumble)
- Red Guy (DHMIS)
- Paul (ATHF)
- Fantos the Amassor (Kid Cosmic)
- Pudge the Butcher (Dota 2)
- Brett Hand (Inside Job)
- Wolverine (x-men)
- Beppi the Clown (Cuphead)
- M.O.D.O.K. (marvel)
- Mr. Poe (dorbeez)
- Mr. Krupp/Captain Underpants (Captain Underpants)
- SCP 106 (SCP Foundation)
- Patrick Star (SpongeBob SquarePants)
- Frosty the Snowman
- Fatso (Casper the friendly ghost)
- Slapstick (Marvel)
- Red Menace (L.O.S.E.)
- Chips Bettigan (Cuphead)
- Cartoon Cat (Trevor Henderson)
- Uncle Samsonite (Uncle Samsonite)
- Cala Maria (Cuphead)
- Mei (overwatch)
- The Big Cheese (ToonTown online)
- Professor Egghead (Creepypasta)
- Ignignokt (ATHF)
- Falafel (Apple and Onion)
- Quinn (Final Space)
- Flippy (Happy Tree Friends)
- Barnaby B. Beagle (Welcome Home)
- Shrike Sanchez (Monkey Wrench)
- Beauregard (the muppets)
- Pizzano (sugary spire)
- Fake Peppino (pizza tower)
- The Blue M&M
- Poppy (Trollz)
- Chef Saltbaker (Cuphead)
- King Dice (Cuphead)
- King Candy (wreck it Ralph)
- Diesel 10 (Thomas and Friends)

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- I reserve the right to block anyone for any reason.
- i do not engage with queer discourse of ANY KIND. there’s literaly a genocide happening, i don’t care what pronouns someone uses.
- i post whatever i want and don’t consider myself in any fandoms but the self ship fandom and the furry fandom!
- DNI if you are friends with or a fan of ComicHinderance/Bubblescum/Toontownfair and/or Jerkunderworld/Faecarrion. those two and i have a history that i wont get into here or else i’m gonna hurt their feelings.
- this user is in full support the Jewish community, transfeminine people, non dysphoric trans people, and hates cops. got a problem with that? leave.
- i will not and will never list my triggers publicly! i will simply block tags and ask mutuals to tag them

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simple reference sheet - 30USD

Full Body - 20USD
+5 per extra chara

half body - 15USD
+3 per extra chara

icon - 15USD

ask me about…
toony style commissions!

-no refunds unless i genuinely cannot fulfill your request
-I will draw most fandoms but countryhumans, Hamilton, etc.
-I WILL NOT DRAW ADULT/MINOR, MINORS IN KINK OR NSFW SITUATIONS, OR HATE ART-I will draw NSFW and kink/fetish art but i reserve the right to decline because of the kinks or acts in question being too much for me (note: this art will not be posted publicly as i do not currently have an NSFW account! it will be a shared privately between me and the commissioner)
-payment is upfront. i cannot start on your commission without payment.
-i will draw anthros, humans, feral (NOT feral nsfw, im not comfortable doing that), real life people, selfship/ocxcanon, etc.